Jefferson R-VII Appreciates Retiring Teacher

Ms. Baumgartner, or ‘Ms. Baum’ to her students, is the shining example of an excellent teaching career. Ms. Baumgartner will retire at the end of this year. Her commitment to ensuring each student is immersed into the importance of our Constitution and its impact on our Great Nation. She has introduced new programs, including ‘We the People,’ Mock Trial, and Law courses along with the Government course, which is a requirement for all students. I have observed and evaluated her courses for nine years. Ms. Baumgartner consistently provided a robust curriculum designed to guide and encourage students to higher order thinking.

Ms. Baumgartner’s enthusiasm for her subject is evident outside of the classroom. She has organized and personally placed hundreds of U.S. Flags to be visible throughout the district during Constitution Week. She has introduced our district to the ‘We the People’ contest for middle school students and Mock Trial to our high school students. She has served as our District Department Chair for Social Studies and has served on many committees outside of the district at the Missouri BAR and the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Ms. Baumgartner has organized the opportunity for the Missouri Court of Appeals Eastern District to have hearings on our campus on two occasions.

Ms. Baumgartner has been recognized by outside organizations for her commitment to education for all students. In 2020, she was awarded the prestigious Missouri BAR “2020 E.A. Richter Award,” the 2021 “Outstanding Teacher Award” from the Gori Law Firm, and the 2021 “We Teachers Award,” a nomination from peers in education. Ms. Baumgartner is a very humble, well-spoken individual committed to the betterment of all students.

Ms. Baumgartner’s greatest strength is her commitment to bringing the students to the importance of our Constitution and system of law. She continually has outside speakers into her classes including: FBI agents, multiple law enforcement agencies, practicing lawyers, and local and Federal Judges as guest speakers. She arranges for field trips to courts for students to observe and meet with individuals associated with the system.

Ms. Baumgartner’s greatest strength was her ability to teach students how to think, not what to think. I consider myself extremely grateful to have worked alongside her for the past 11 years. And yes Trish, I am taking all of your recommendations about school finance to heart :-). 

David Haug, Deputy Superintendent, Jefferson R-VII School District