Jefferson R-VII School District Return to School Document 

This document is based on our local leadership decisions, which have been derived from guidelines established by local government and health authorities, based upon current factors and information. 

This is a “working document” and is subject to change as new information is obtained and regulations evolve at the local, state and regional levels. 

The Jefferson R-VII School District will be utilizing Board Policy EBB – District Communicable Disease for all school procedures involving COVID-19. 

It is important to note that while the District will make every effort to provide a safe and healthy environment for our students and staff, there are inherent risks with participation in group activities. Therefore, the District cannot guarantee that your child will not be exposed to a virus or those who may have been affected. School safety for staff and students will continue to be priority of the District. 

Commentary Regarding COVID-19 Guidelines and Protocols 

The COVID-19 guidelines developed and presented below follow all applicable local, state, and federal guidelines and incorporate many best practices advocated by school associations and groups. 

The Jefferson R-VII School District is committed to providing a quality education to all students, while ensuring their safety and well-being. 

Parents/guardians with questions or concerns are asked to contact their building administrator. 

General Information for Students and Staff 

● Students and staff will be encouraged to wash / sanitize hands during the day. 

Hand sanitizer will be provided at multiple locations throughout buildings. 

When students are physically present on campus, face coverings will be recommended but not required by students and staff throughout the day. 

Drinking fountains will be disabled, except for those with bottle-filling capabilities. A water bottle will be made available to students (if they do not have their own water bottle) and may be refilled throughout the day. 

Students may bring personal water bottles from home, but bottles must be plastic or metal, and in a clean, sanitary condition. 

Social distancing will be observed to the extent possible by all staff and students. 

Student activities and athletics will be conducted as usual to the extent they are permissible under local, state, and federal guidance. 

Symptoms of COVID-19 

    •  People with COVID-19 have had a wide range of symptoms reported, ranging from mild symptoms to severe illness. Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus. The following are examples of symptoms: o Fever or chills 
    •  Cough 
    •  Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing 
    •  Fatigue 
    •  Muscle or body aches 
    •  Headache 
    •  New loss of taste or smell 
    •  Sore throat 
    •  Congestion or runny nose 
    •  Nausea or vomiting 
    •  Diarrhea 

This list does not include all possible symptoms and will be updated as more is learned about COVID-19. 

Daily Screening Guidance for Students 

We have a culture of working or going to school when one is sick. We must work towards changing that culture and encourage everyone to stay home when they are feeling ill. 

The Department of Health and Senior Services and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education advise districts not to implement screening procedures that would force bottlenecks at building entry points, “creating unnecessary situations where students cannot maintain adequate physical distance from one another.” 

Therefore, all families are required to self-assess their daily health situation prior to getting on the bus, attending school, or attending/participating in other extracurricular event(s) in order to determine if they are ill or are at risk of exposing others to COVID-19. 

If students answer yes to any of the following questions, they should NOT come to school that day. Please contact your building’s school nurse / health services aid to report an absence and to be informed of the student’s return-to-school date (see page 5 of this document for the appropriate phone number). 

Individuals are advised to contact a healthcare provider if they exhibit symptoms or answered YES to any screening question(s). 

District Staff will also be watching for signs and symptoms of illness as students enter the building and classrooms. 

The Jefferson R-VII School District will follow a 48-hour fever-free / medicine-free policy for the 2021-2022 school year.