District Curriculum

Art K (K) [Being Revised]
1st Grade Art (1) [Being Revised]
2nd Grade Art (2) [Being Revised]
3rd Grade Art (3) [Being Revised]
4th Grade Art (4) [Being Revised]
5th Grade Art (5) [Being Revised]
6th Grade Art (6) [Being Revised]
Art Appreciation (7) [Being Revised]
Paint, Paper, Pottery (7-8) [Being Revised]
8th Grade Art (8) [Being Revised]
Advanced Art (8) [Being Revised]
Art I (9-12) [Being Revised]
Art II (10-12) [Being Revised]
Art III (11-12) [Being Revised]
Art IV (12) [Being Revised]
Computer Applications (9-12) [Being Revised]
Introduction to Business (9-12) [Being Revised]
Leadership (10-12) [Being Revised]
Personal Finance (10-12) [Being Revised]
Business Management (11-12) [Being Revised]
English Language Arts
ELA K- Phonemic Awareness and Phonics (K)
ELA K- Reading, Science, Social Studies (K) [Being Revised]
ELA K- Writing (K)
ELA 1st - Reading, Science, Social Studies (1) [Being Revised]
ELA 1st- Writing (1) [Being Revised]
Phonics & Phonemic Awareness (1) [Being Revised]
ELA 2nd- Writing (2) [Being Revised]
ELA 2nd- Phonemic Awareness and Phonics (2) [Being Revised]
ELA 2nd- Reading, Science, Social Studies (2) [Being Revised]
ELA 3rd- Reading (3) [Being Revised]
ELA 3rd- Writing (3)
ELA 4th- Reading (4) [Being Revised]
ELA 4th- Writing (4) [Being Revised]
ELA 5th- Reading (5)
ELA 5th- Writing (5)
ELA 6th (6) [Being Revised]
Reading 6th (6) [Being Revised]
ELA 7th (7) [Being Revised]
ELA 8th (8) [Being Revised]
ELA 8th Honors (8) [Being Revised]
ELA 9th (9) [Being Revised]
ELA 9th_Honors (9) [Being Revised]
ELA 10th (10) [Being Revised]
Honors ELA 10th (10) [Being Revised]
Journalism I (10-12)
Mythology-10-12 (10-12)
Public Speaking (10-12) [Being Revised]
Yearbook (10-12)
ELA 11th (11)
ELA 11th Honors (11)
College English Composition I (11-12)
College English Composition II (12)
ELA 12th (12)
Family and Consumer Sciences
Advanced Child Development (9-12) [Being Revised]
Family and Consumer Sciences-cont.
Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS 1) (9-12) [Being Revised]
Parenting (9-12) [Being Revised]
Foods and Nutrition 1 (10-12) [Being Revised]
Foods and Nutrition 2 (10-12) [Being Revised]
Gifted Education
Enrichment Pre-Program (K-1)
Gifted Education (ECP) 2nd-6th (2-6)
Gifted Elective 7/8 grades (7-8)
Guidance and Counseling
Guidance and Counseling K-5 (K-5) [Being Revised]
Counseling 6-8 (6-8) [Being Revised]
Counseling 9-12 (9-12) [Being Revised]
Industrial Arts
Industrial Technology I (7-8) [Being Revised]
Industrial Technology II (8) [Being Revised]
Computer Aided Drawing and Design I (CADD I) (9-12) [Being Revised]
Woods I (9-12) [Being Revised]
Computer Aided Drawing and Design II (CADD II) (10-12) [Being Revised]
Woods II (10-12) [Being Revised]
Woods III (11-12) [Being Revised]
Math K (K)
Math 1st (1)
Math 2nd (2) [Being Revised]
Math 3rd (3)
Math 4th (4)
Math 5th (5)
Math 6th (6) [Being Revised]
Math 7th (7) [Being Revised]
Pre-Algebra (7-8) [Being Revised]
Algebra I (9-11) [Being Revised]
Geometry (9-12) [Being Revised]
Algebra 2 (10-12) [Being Revised]
Algebra 3 (11-12)
Precalculus (11-12)
Calculus (12)
Kindergarten Music (K) [Being Revised]
First Grade Music (1) [Being Revised]
Second Grade Music (2) [Being Revised]
Third Grade Music (3) [Being Revised]
Fourth Grade Music (4) [Being Revised]
Fifth Grade Music (5) [Being Revised]
6th Grade Band (6) [Being Revised]
6th Grade Music (6) [Being Revised]
Middle School Choir (7-8) (7-8) [Being Revised]
Middle School Concert Band (7-8) [Being Revised]
Guitar I (9-12) [Being Revised]
High School Band (9-12) [Being Revised]
High School Choir (9-12) (9-12) [Being Revised]
High School Jazz Ensemble (9-12) [Being Revised]
Physical Education/Health
PE K (K) [Being Revised]
PE 1st (1) [Being Revised]
PE 2nd (2) [Being Revised]
PE 3rd (3) [Being Revised]
Physical Education/Health-cont.
PE 4th (4) [Being Revised]
PE 5th (5) [Being Revised]
PE/Health 6th (6) [Being Revised]
PE/Health 7th/8th (7-8) [Being Revised]
8th Grade Athletic Fitness (8) [Being Revised]
Health (9-12) [Being Revised]
Physical Education (9-12) [Being Revised]
Strength & Conditioning (9-12) [Being Revised]
Science 3rd (3)
Science 4th (4)
Science 5th (5)
Earth Science 6th (6) [Being Revised]
STEAM - 6th (6) [Being Revised]
Life Science 7th (7) [Being Revised]
STEAM 7th and 8th (7-12) [Being Revised]
Physical Science 8th (8) [Being Revised]
Honors Principles of Physics (9) [Being Revised]
Principles of Physics 9th (9) [Being Revised]
Chemistry (10) [Being Revised]
Honors Chemistry (10) [Being Revised]
Biology 11th (11)
Honors Biology 11th (11)
Anatomy and Physiology (11-12) [Being Revised]
AP Chemistry (11-12) [Being Revised]
AP Physics I (11-12) [Being Revised]
Social Studies
Social Studies 3rd (3)
Social Studies 4th (4)
Social Studies 5th (5)
World Geography 6th (6) [Being Revised]
World History 7th (7) [Being Revised]
Personal Finance and Economics (8) [Being Revised]
Speech and Debate (8) [Being Revised]
US History 8th (8) [Being Revised]
World History 9th (9-11) [Being Revised]
American History 10th (10) [Being Revised]
Criminal Justice (10-12) [Being Revised]
Law (10-12) [Being Revised]
Government 11th (11) [Being Revised]
Contemporary Issues (11-12) [Being Revised]
History through Film (11-12) [Being Revised]
Psychology (11-12) [Being Revised]
Sociology (11-12) [Being Revised]
World Wars (11-12) [Being Revised]
Technology Literacy
6th Grade Computers (6) [Being Revised]
Computers (7-8) [Being Revised]
World Languages
Intro to Foreign Language (7-8)
Spanish I (9-12) [Being Revised]
Spanish II (9-12) [Being Revised]