We're Always Looking for Volunteers

Volunteers perform essential services for the R-VII students and staff.  We thank all of our volunteers for their commitments to the children, the staff, and the community.  We look forward to working with you during the school year.  Our volunteer coordinator is Robin Leon. 

To ensure the best experiences for our children, staff and parents, our District requires all volunteers to participate in the first process of local training.  The extent of training may vary depending upon your prior experience as a volunteer in our District. 

The second process relates to the state law that requires a full background check for all new hires, including substitutes.  Jefferson County School District R-VII vigorously adheres to this requirement with the commitment to keep all our children safe.  In light of this safety issue, the District also requires that all new volunteers complete a background check through the Family Care and Safety Registry to participate in our program.  This requirement includes any parents participating as classroom parents or at lock-ins.  Visitation days, such as Grandparents' Day and field trips with your own child, do not require a background check.  All new volunteers must wait until we have received a report regarding the background check and training is complete.  You do not need to resubmit if you were on the approved volunteer check list last year.

The District will pay for the cost of background checks for new volunteers.  Please complete the registry form and return it to the Superintendent's Office at Danby-Rush Tower Middle School along with a copy of your Social Security card.  This information will remain confidential and will be used only to verify your social security number and acquire your background check.

Required Forms