Jefferson R-VII Hotspot Program

Jefferson R-VII School District Wi-Fi Hotspot Program


The Jefferson R-VII School District is providing personal WiFi Hotspots for use by students who do not have reliable wireless Internet access for their Chromebook at home.  The purpose of this program is to provide Internet access for student Chromebooks at home. Internet service is provided by Sprint at a tiered cost model.  Families may be eligible for a cost waiver based on income qualifications based on the family’s Free and Reduced Lunch status.  Additionally, Jefferson R-VII School District staff are eligible for this service at the full price of $40 per month.  The monthly charge will be assessed through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.  These charges must be paid in full each month.  Data service will be terminated if charges are not paid.  This device is not intended for use by students who have reliable Internet access at home.  The Jefferson R-VII School District reserves the right to determine, limit, and/or cancel participation in this program at any time.
The program is intended to help Jefferson R-VII students access online resources at home through their chromebooks to ensure educational equity. These devices are filtered through the district's off-site content filtering service at all times. 

General Use
Student Chromebooks are configured to connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot when the hotspot is in range.  This device is intended for the exclusive use of the individual student or family to whom it has been issued, and students should only connect their Jefferson R-VII School District issued Chromebook to this hotspot (no other devices are to be connected to the hotspot). Students should not attempt to reset the device. All devices are the property of the Jefferson R-VII School District and are configured/managed exclusively by the Jefferson R-VII School District.

Students should not share access and/or login information with anyone. For each calendar month, the device is allocated unlimited data.  Students should not bring the device to school. It is recommended that students leave the device at home when not needed.

Families and staff must apply for the a WiFi hotspot.  Only students in Grades 6 - 12 or staff are eligible for this program.  Only one WiFi hotspot will be issued to each household.  Home schooled student families are eligible for the Hotspot Program if they have been issued a District owned Chromebook.  Home schooled student families costs will be determined by their Free and Reduced Lunch Program eligibility. Parents or guardians must complete the application, pay one month of fees (if applicable), and agree to the terms of the service before a WiFi hotspot will be issued.   If the device is lost, stolen, damaged, or becomes inoperable, students or parent/guardian should notify the Jefferson R-VII School District Technology Department at 636-933-6943 or within 24 hours.

The tiered costs are as follows:

  • Families eligible for free meals under the Free and Reduced Meal Program - $5 per month

  • Families eligible for reduced meals under the Free and Reduced Meal Program - $20 per month

  • Families not eligible for free or reduced meals under the Free and Reduced Meal Program - $40 per month

  • Staff - $40 per month

Consequences for Inappropriate Use

Access to the Internet at school is an integral part of the Jefferson R-VII School District instructional program.  Access to the Internet away from the District, through this means, is an added educational benefit.  Failure to use the WiFi hotspot device in an appropriate manner, violating Jefferson R-VII School District policies or tampering with the device may result in disciplinary action and possible loss of the opportunity to use the WiFi hotspot.

If lost, the family will be charged a replacement cost of $50 if not returned within 30 days.

Student, Parent, and Staff Responsibilities

  • Use the device in a responsible manner and follow all policies, acceptable use agreements, and guidelines.

  • Regularly monitor usage and student browsing activity. The Jefferson R-VII School District provides Internet content filtering away from the District through the Chromebook, but parents should monitor Internet usage at home.

  • Take proper care of the device – keep away from food, liquids, dirt, etc.

Download the Signup form here
Contact Jefferson R-VII School District technology support, or 636-933-6973, if the device is lost, stolen, or does not function.