About the District

About Jefferson R-VII School District

The Jefferson R-VII School District (click the link for a map) is a PK-12 district, located approximately 40 miles south of St. Louis, right along Interstate 55, covering approximately 55 square miles in rural southern Jefferson County. The patrons can enjoy the cultural events of a large city and the joys of rural living. Many of the residents work in St. Louis or in the communities of Festus, Crystal City and Herculaneum. Currently, we have 1123 students enrolled in four buildings. The district consists of four buildings: Plattin Primary (Preschool - 2nd Grade), Telegraph Intermediate (3rd - 5th Grades), Danby-Rush Tower Middle School (6th - 8th Grades) and Jefferson High School (9th - 12th Grades) with approximately 1058 students enrolled K-12, and approximately 65 preschoolers. The population is primarily middle class with approximately 35 percent qualifying for the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch program. There is little ethnic diversity, with 98 percent of the students being caucasian.

The mission statement is illustrated by the day-to-day practices in all buildings. Administration and teachers, both veteran and beginning teachers, are lifelong learners who are eager to implement new programs to benefit the students.

Parents have viewed the school as the focus of the community. This has been demonstrated over time through their strong involvement in the school. Parents, students, faculty and staff demonstrate school pride. Throughout time faculty and staff members have been dedicated to the job, rising above and beyond what is expected to help all children succeed.

Upon entering the buildings one is greeted by caring faculty and staff members. Student work is posted throughout the buildings. Students experience a literacy rich environment where they are immersed in reading and writing. Students are actively involved in the learning process, participating in hands-on learning, often working cooperatively with other students. Students use technology to aid in their learning and to share information with other classes or family members through the Internet. Instruction is tied to real-life experiences and focuses on higher level thinking skills. Teachers assess students both formally and informally on a regular basis gearing instruction to meet the changing needs of their students. Parents are contacted on a regular basis with many opportunities for family involvement. Volunteers are routinely within the buildings assisting during literacy centers, providing individual help to students as needed, preparing materials for teachers, or helping in any way needed. Celebrations for successes and achievements occur often. Incentives help to aid children in reaching their goals.

We attribute our success to a highly supportive school community, high expectations for faculty, staff and students and rigorous, research based academic strategies.