Special Education

Special Education Department

Welcome to the Jefferson R-VII School District Special Education Department.

Mrs. Karen Kappel
Special Education Director
Phone: (636) 933-6958
Fax: (636) 937-9189

Mrs. Mellisa Tindall
Special Education Administrative Assistant
Phone: (636) 933-6959
Fax: (636) 937-9189

Mrs. Brown, Teacher, abrown@jr7.k12.mo.us
Ms. Bequette, Teacher, bequetteb@jr7.k12.mo.us
Mrs. Kausler, Teacher, kauslerb@jr7.k12.mo.us
Mrs. Graham, Teacher, dgraham@jr7.k12.mo.us
Mrs. Boulicault, Teacher, boulicaultb@jr7.k12.mo.us
Mrs. Hollenberg, Teacher, hollenbergl@jr7.k12.mo.us
Mr. Dietrich, Teacher, dietrichb@jr7.k12.mo.us
Mrs. Blake, Teacher, blakek@jr7.k12.mo.us
Ms. Tessa Peterein, Speech & Language Pathologist, petereint@jr7.k12.mo.us
Mrs. Mary Peterein, Speech & Language Pathologist, petereinm@jr7.k12.mo.us