Kids Korner

Kids Korner is our licensed before and after school child care program available to our families for students ages 5-12.  It is directed by our certified teacher, Craig Wilson and operates each morning from 6am until the start of school at Plattin Primary and then after school until 6pm at Telegraph Intermediate.

We at the Jefferson R-VII school age program will help children develop to their fullest potential, focusing on confidence, self-awareness, and feelings of self-worth; interpersonal relationships; value development; academic achievement; physical skills; health and nutrition. Our goals in the program will deliver a positive environment of safety, support and care and strengthen the family unit.

For more information on Kid's Korner, please click on the Kid's Korner Handbook link below.  We also encourage you to contact our director and teacher, Craig Wilson at 636-937-7170  ext. 1019 (Plattin) or 636-933-6947  ext. 2947(Telegraph).

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Kids Korner Handbook
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